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For most of my childhood I grew up with the familiar sight of my family stretched out on yoga mats, while practicing their yoga and breathwork. For me practicing pranayama was just a routine like brushing teeth, but without much awareness.

What led me here were life’s tribulations and the desire to find balance while working in Finance and raising a son - all while just about catching my breath.

It was only when I practiced this art of conscious breathing, that I discovered the power of my breath: the source of life and an accessible structured phenomenon every living being is born with. I found that a simple long and mindful inhale paired with an equally steady and controlled exhale can indeed work miracles! 

Slowly, I gained control over situations where I would earlier feel helpless. With a renewed sense of courage and confidence, I attained self awareness and clarity of my strengths and weaknesses. By optimizing my breath work, I began responding to my shortcomings which would prevail in the form of short-temper, indigestion and skin ailments. I was amazed to realize that I had the potential to reverse negative experiences with a tool as simple as my breath. 

Breathwork is a work-in-progress process that is well ingrained in my daily routine now. It is my passion and mission to help as many people optimize their mental and physical health through a concious inhalation of all the positivity, beauty and magic in the world. 

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