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Vartika Agarwalla

I have been practicing for a year now and it has played a fundamental role in furthering my study as a yoga teacher.

I have been teaching yoga since 5 years and I really appreciate the fine attention to detail for each practice so we do it correctly. This program offers unique and different insights on commonly taught breathing practices. Many thanks.


Manju Ruia

I am a very calm person but last 5 months, I realised I was getting anxious, rushing my daily exercises for no reason. When I did the practice with Prachita, on the first day only my mind was very calm and I have a good experience. Thanks


Preksha Shah

Prachita is very knowledgeable and kind. Thank you Prachita for these amazing breathwork sessions - They are my daily dose of stress reduction and energy. I am buzzing every morning even without my coffee. Though it has only been a month, I can feel positive effects from the practices. I definitely feel I am being more productive.


Dr Renu Bhatnagar

It gives me enormous pleasure to state that I have been attending classes of Yoga and Pranayama by Prachita on line that has benefitted me very much so much so that I look forward for next class.Her way of practical teaching  and conducting yoga is well appreciated.I really wish her to benefit many more with her Yoga and breathing exercises, consistent with ancient Vedic yoga

Subhashini Batra.jpg

Dr Subhashini Batra

I have known Prachita Bengani for over a year as a yoga teacher. 
I have both breathing and back problems suffering from COPD and multiple vertebral fractures. I have found all the exercises Prachita has incorporated in her yoga session very helpful and improving both my breathing and back pain. I deeply commend Prachita for her good work dedication and passion towards yoga. She is very conscientious about her work and listens to all the people in the yoga groups she takes, and then modifying to their needs. 

Nindi Sandhu.jpg

Nindi Sandhu

I was so lucky  when I was introduced  to Prachita for deep breathing  exercises by my friend on Zoom. I find the breathing exercises  so relaxing and comforting specially  in the evening and helps you sleep much better. Prachita's is a calm helpful and soft spoken teacher.

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Christina Popa

I'm pleased and lucky to have Prachita as my teacher! She is a nice and very friendly person. I love our lessons and the way she teaches us and explains about each type of breathing! She  motivates me to learn  more and to be more  practical! Thank you Prachita!🙏


Ekta Soni

I always have an incredible experience doing breathwork with Prachita. I'm a yoga and Reiki teacher but can easily vouch that doing breathwork exercises has further deepened my modalities. After doing a session with Prachita I feel that I form a deep connection with myself and the breathwork exercises help me in releasing repressed emotions. It's no more a luxury but a lifestyle to follow these breathing exercises to have a healthy, holistic and purposeful life.

Dr Indra S Bhatnagar

I have known Prachita for quite few months as Yoga teacher. Her mannerism, knowledge and the way she conducts breathing exercises in small groups on line is well appreciate . It gives lot of mental relaxation and tranquility. If one does it routinely it helps destress and brings eternal happiness. I wish her success in doing this humanitarian work and expanding to help others.

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